Bears and highways

They do not mix. In November, I hit a bear while traveling home from work on US 36 between Boulder and Superior. Last week, a bear got tranquilized in Boulder. A series of photoshopped images went around at work. This was my contribution.


This week, that bear got hit by a car on 36. So, this is the email that went out.


"My brothers, my sisters. It is with careful homage and heavy heart that we

share unfortunate news this morning.


"Our friend Humpty, of unsound mind and falling body, discovered his darkest

of days yesterday wandering ever further into man's least hospitable, most

uncompromising of territories. Highway 36.


"May we forever quiet the animated gifs of foreshadowing, lest the universe

listen, and answer in cruel reply.


"May you drive safely Matt, drive safely."

I predicted the future. Unfortunate. OR AWESOME.

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