Lights in the City

The other night I was driving to my shift at work. Being winter, it was dark nice and early. My drive was going fantastically, and then from nowhere, somebody was driving the sun behind me. To put this into context, I drive a smallish car; a 1987 Honda Civic hatchback. Something similar to this, except gold. The car that rolled up behind was something like a Ford f-250, meaning their headlights were aimed DIRECTLY into my rear view mirror. This is a normal occurrence, but these lights were of the blue color spectrum and about 10 times the brightness of normal lights. I was legitimately blinded It was a serious issue. Below are some comparisons of "The Sun" and a shorter but less litup car.

Is this really necessary? Driving in the city, lights are more for others to be able to see you, not light up the world. Soon after this I was driving up a hill and señor sun passed me. My car kept on chuggin, and here I am today, slightly blinded and upset, but at least i don't blind others while driving. If everybody drove a car with lights like these, the light pollution problem in Denver would be out of control. A few days before this, I had a light die. I made the conscious decision of buying the less bright light with longer life. Not only is this wasteful, but it's annoying to all those that drive in front of this vehicle.

I've thought about strapping some mondo lights facing backwards on the rack on top of my car with a switch inside to show these brightly lit people what's up, but for now I'm content with getting angry and blogging about it.